Daniel's Railway Walks

Wombwell to Elsecar



In this, the second in the series of train walks, we take a senic route from Wombwell to Elsecar. This route is much nicer than the last walk from Conisbrough to Mexborough. The majority of this route is quiet road or footpath, so serenity is kept.

We start our walk in Wombwell station. The station dates back to 1897, constructed by the Midland Railway on their Sheffield to Barnsley Line. From 1950 to 1969 the station was known as Wombwell West to distinguish it from Wombwell Central, a station on the Doncaster-Barnsley Line; the same one Conisbrough was originally built on.

You can see the two stations on the 1950 map below. The current Wombwell is on the left.

1950s map showing the location of Wombwell's former two stations.

We now leave the station by turning right onto Hough Lane, then immedietly left onto Hemingfield Road. After 5 minutes we head over the railway lines then cross the road and make a right under the Dearne Valley Parkway through a tunnel and then joining Hemingfield Lane again.

We then cross the road and follow the road round, keeping the farm on the left. When you approach the junction after the entrance to the farm shop, we take a left on to Briery Meadows. Shortly after this, we head left, down the public footpath which takes us down the back of the houses. Follow this path until it ends at Garden Grove.

After leaving the footpath, we take a right onto Garden Grove then a left a bit later onto School Street. At this point our main route continues straight ahead, however, if you prefer, you can take a shortcut by taking a right down Tingle Bridge Lane. You can see the shortcut route on the route map below.

After walking for about a third of a mile, we take a right onto Smithy Bridge Lane, and after heading over the bridge, we make a right onto the footpath. We will follow this all the way into Elsecar. After another third of a mile, the shortcut path joins us as we cross Tingle Bridge Lane.

This path is sandwiched between the disused Elsecar Canal and the single line Elsecar Heritage Railway. The railway was built to serve Earl Fitzwilliam's collieries and ironworks. It became part of the South Yorkshire Railway in 1850 and then part of British Rail in 1948. The line was closed in 1984 with the closure of the last coliery on the line. Restoration began in 1994, and has beeen operated by the Elsecar Heritage Railway since 2006.

The route of the Elsecar Branch in 1890.

After the path ends, we bear right into the Elsecar Heritage Centre. We walk through the centre and out the opposite side. At this point, we make a right onto Forge Lane, cross at the crossroads, onto Fitzwilliam Street. We then continue up this road for about half a mile, at which point Elsecar station will be on the left.

Even though this walk is about the same length as my previous it is certainly more hilly. There is a very major descent from Wombwell, especially down Smithy Bridge Lane, but a steep climb when in Elsecar to get back to the railway's height. Overall, a very pleasent walk, and a lot more senic than my previous which is my aim with this series. Thank you for reading, and keep your eye out for the next walk.