Daniel's Railway Walks

Silkstone Common to Dodworth


After a break of a month and a half, we're back with the next railway walk, this time a nice short walk from Silkstone Common to Dodworth. This route was very hilly, yet very sceneic as it envolved walking straight through a lovely section of forest.

The station was built originally in 1855, known as simply just Silkstone. However, due to the service from Penistone to Doncaster via Barnsely being ceased, the station closed down in 1959. However, the current station was reopened in 1983, for the intoduction of the Sheffield to Huddersfield services, the same service that serves the station now. The station recieves an hourly service in each direction on Monday to Saturday and two hourly on Sundays.

The area we're walking in 1890.

We start our walk by heading down the stairs away from the platform, then making a left onto Knabbs Lane. Follow this and turn left onto Hall Royd Lane and make a right at the top of that road. We now follow that road for 0.4 miles. This road you will find is very hilly, but the view at the top is well worth it. Just before the road makes a sudden right turn, we now make a left down the public footpath which will take us back to the railway line.

At the bottom of this rocky path, we now enter Silkstone Fall, a forested area with a mix of trees. At the bottom, we approach a junction with three paths, we take the central path. This path will lead us straight down to a path that heads parallel to the railway line all the way down into Dodworth. For full details on the wooded section see the below OS map, and for the full route, see the interactive map at the bottom of the page.

The route through Silkstone Fall, whown with purple dashed line.

After this path, we enter a modern housing estate in Dodworth, once here, we follow the road, then make a left onto Champany Fields. At the end of this road, we make a further left onto the main road in Dodworth, at which point we approach the station on our left.

Thanks for reading, sorry there's no video with this one, but hopefully the maps make up for that. The next walk will hopefully be coming soon.